Learning Malay in Singapore

Bahasa Melayu is Singapore’s national language and is one of several official languages, apart from English tongue, Chinese language, and Tamil. The population of Malay in Singapore is the Second largest. Because of the closeness of Singapore and Malaysia, a lot of Singaporeans have relatives and friends residing in Malaysia and the other way round, in which the national language is Bahasa Melayu.

The Importance of Bahasa Melayu
It’s important for students in Singapore to have some fundamental know-how and comprehension of the Malay language. Singapore is really a small country totally surrounded by bigger nations who all converse Bahasa Melayu. Particularly with Malaysia, they’re our neighbour, and our closest friend. Coming from a social point of view, it’s helpful for students to minimally perform basic conversations in Malay. It’s utilized day-to-day throughout Singapore in all areas of life.

The government of Singapore encourages pupils to master the language. Malay is provided from Pre-school levels up to doctorial levels. Malay in primary school seeks to instill in pupils a great understanding of oneself, to become wise and possess the knowledge and skills required to deal with future challenges, for being accountable for family, society and nation, and also to possess a healthy body and mind, and to respect environmental surroundings.

Malay in secondary school aims to instil in pupils the accomplishment of ethical integrities, to become confident in their own capabilities and capable to adjust to changes, to work in groups and express compassion towards other people, to become creative and inquisitive and can value different opinions and communicate efficiently. For young students who’ve the talent and desire for the language, they may be keen to take up Higher Malay for their PSLE as well as throughout their years in Secondary school. Higher Malay provides pupils a more comprehensive and higher degree of comprehension of the language.

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